What Type Of Blinds To Put On Your French Window

What Type of Blinds to Put on Your French Window


Kathy Carbone

A lot of homeowners are thinking about putting blinds on their French window. This is not only for aesthetic reason but for safety and security as well. There are different blind types you can see in the market and not all of them are compatible to the French window. You will need to choose the one that will accommodate the size and the location of the window in your house.

First of all, you have to understand what blinds are so you know how to use it. Window blinds are made out of collective sheets that are strung together by string or thread. The blinds itself can be made out of numerous materials. If the window is open, you will easily notice if there is a breeze coming through your house for your blinds will make a sort of shuffling noise due to the breeze passing between the sheets.


If you are not comfortable with the shuffling sound of blinds, you might want to use horizontal blinds for your French window. This type of blinds is tightly entwined in order to minimize the shuffling, unlike the vertical ones that are loosely entwined. In order to further minimize the shuffling of the blinds, choose a heavy material.

You also have to consider the temperature as well as the quality of the room air where the French window is located. If there is too much moisture in the room, you have to steer away from blinds Lakeland

that are made out of raw materials such as rattan, bamboo and other light woods. Too much moisture can cause molds to build up on your blinds.

During the installation of blinds Sarasota

on your French window, you have to make sure that everything is secured; especially if you have children in the house. Accidents can occur and one wrong pull from the blinds can send it straight to the ground or to the person who accidentally pulled it. Make sure that the length of the blind is short enough to keep out of child’s reach.

Remember all these factors in choosing blinds St Petersburg

for your French window. Have blinds that are in the right material and length. Have it installed securely as well.

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