What To Expect When Hiring Lawn Installers In Ashburn, Va For Sod Placement

February, 2018 byadmin

A yard is one of the first things that people see when viewing a home from the outside, so it is a critical component of a property’s overall curb appeal. The problem is that growing grass is challenging in some climates, and items such as hills and uneven ground will make it challenging for grass to take root and become healthy and full. A great alternative is to install sod that will keep a yard looking great and provide years of natural beauty.

Initial Ground Preparation


To ensure a proper bond between the ground and the new sod, the Lawn Installers in Ashburn VA will first need to make sure that the installation area is adequately prepared. Any old grass will be removed from the surface, and the dirt underneath will be lightly tilled. If the previous applications of sod have proven to be ineffective; most companies recommend completing a soil test to determine if there are any contaminants present that are preventing the grass from flourishing.

Sod Installation

After the ground is ready, the team will go to work laying the sod. The technicians will work from one end and make their way across the entire area to be covered, unrolling the sod and inspecting it for any defects. Once the turf has been installed, they will then secure the pieces in place using stakes to prevent shifting due to foot traffic or an inordinate amount of rainfall.

Irrigation and Maintenance

Once the Lawn Installers in Ashburn VA complete the job, they will conduct a final inspection and irrigate the lawn so the rooting process begins. They will also discuss maintenance requirements with the homeowner, which usually consists of minimal foot traffic and regular watering. With the right care, the new sod should be rooted within four weeks, leaving a homeowner with a beautiful, breathtaking yard.

The application of sod will breathe new life into any outdoor area. The team at Premier Turf Farms is a leading provider of quality sod materials and offers expert installation services. Check out their website to learn more or call today and take the first step in revitalizing an unsightly yard.