Understanding Breast Cancer And Social Security Disability

Submitted by: Matt Berry

It could be argued that breast cancer is one of the most visible diseases of our time. Perhaps to make up for the lack of attention it received in the past, when it was often undiagnosed and untreated, individuals and organizations today are very active in informing the public and pushing for more research form the medical community.

Breast cancer walks raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, along with sales of pink bracelets, pink ribbons and more. On a corporate level, multi-million dollar companies have joined the cause by promoting specific products of which a portion of their proceeds will be donated.

With a condition as prevalent as breast cancer (one in eight women suffer from it), the attention, fundraising and push for support and knowledge can only be seen as a benefit to the cause.

Those close to someone whose life has completely changed due to breast cancer, perhaps someone who wasn’t able to continue with her normal work and began accepting breast cancer Social Security disability–all have a vested interest in the continuing evolution of treatment options.


For women recently diagnosed and considering whether breast cancer SSI disability is the right move for them, new treatment trends are certainly something to explore as well. Working with a Social Security attorney who specializes in breast cancer SSI disability benefits will be of help, as the attorneys will regularly remind their clients of the importance of keeping detailed notes on all medical visits and treatments sought.

Hope for a Cure:

A recent breast cancer study from Canadian researchers has been the source of lots of buzz lately. The study, as reported in the NY Times, found that a shorter term of radiation could have the same positive effect as the five weeks that are commonly recommended. The study is mainly applicable to those with early-stage breast cancer, so will have the most impact on those who have been diagnosed as such.

The benefits of the shorter radiation schedule, which is three weeks as compared to the typical five weeks, are immense and varied. On an individual basis, women’s lives wouldn’t be disrupted for quite as long. Imagine a single mother with two children and a full-time job, for example–fourteen fewer days of radiation would probably be an incredible gift to her. Women who have applied and are working towards receiving breast cancer SSI disability benefits would have to speak with their lawyers to keep them updated on any changes in treatment schedule.

Additionally, if each woman spends less time receiving radiation, that would open up time for doctors to help more women receive the radiation they need, more quickly. By allowing an increased number of women to receive quicker treatment, more lives could be saved, and more breast cancer survivors created.

Social Security Disability Application Next Steps:

When treating the disease and also in the midst of the breast cancer Social Security disability application process, the importance of discussing treatment and symptom changes with legal counsel can not be over-stated. If women were to be approved for breast cancer Social Security disability, and also an appropriate candidate for shortened treatment, there could be consequences for the terms of the SSI disability.

While the most important focus is on ridding the body of the cancer, it’s also smart to consider and plan for all different avenues of support throughout the disease, which, for some, will be breast cancer SSI disability. Improved technology and continuing research will allow experts to continue exploring alternative treatment options that benefit everyone.

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