Tips For Better Landscape Pictures

Tips For Better Landscape Pictures


Peter Finch

Landscape pictures capture the essense of beautiful landscapes. Landscape photography requires that you understand few basic principles of photography. Light is an important factor to be considered. Light has three main qualities namely intensity, direction and color. Intensity is the strength of the light which plays an important role during photography. Direction refers to the light placement. This can either be front, back or side-lighting. Side lighting can produce more textures between light and sun. Color refers to the color of sunlight. The color of sunlight is different at different times. During the morning and evening, the color of sunlight is warmer and hence can produce beautiful pictures.

Composition is another important factor to be considered while taking landscape pictures. Composition refers to how exactly you place the things in your picture. Some foreground objects add a lot of depth to the pictures. Use smaller aperture to cover a larger scene.Try to frame the picture with natural elements like trees. This gives a wonderful look to the pictures.

Here are some tips to give your landscape pictures that wow factor –

– Always get a tripod when shooting landscapes. When the camera is not stable in your hands camera shake is caused. A good tripod can help you avoid unclear pictures.


– Use a cable release instead of a timer function. This helps triggering the shutter at the right time.

– Use the right filters for taking landscape pictures. Polarizers and neutral density filters are good. Polarizers help to reduce the glare from water and neutral density filters help in stopping the specified amount of light by entering the camera.

– It is always good to know the background of the place before you take a landscape photo. This helps you cover the most attractive parts of the scene. Take a good look at the place before you begin to shoot so that you can capture the best scenes of the place.

– Take the photo on a day when the weather conditions are suitable. You can cancel your shoot the day when the weather is not good.

– Use a wide-angle lens for taking landscape photos. Wide angle lens when used with telephoto lens helps get some creative and zoomed-out shots.

– Always shoot at the right time. Avoid shooting during noon. You can choose to shoot in the mornings or evenings. The sunlight is bright during the afternoon and hence tends to spoil the look of the landscape picture.

Landscape pictures can develop brilliantly. People want unique pictures. Try and avoid the common scenaries in your landscape picture. Rather experiment with some different angles.

You can refer to various magazines and books to know more about landscape pictures. There are various resources available on the Internet. Your hobby in landscape photography can also lead to a career in landscape photography or landscape painting. If you are bitten by the travel bug, you can travel to some great locations to shoot. Landscape pictures are sold for good prices and hence can turn out to be a stable source of income.

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