Micro Greens

Micro greens


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Micro greens are edible greens which are tiny in form and are derived from the seeds of different herbs, plants and vegetables. The micro greens usually range from 1-2 inches in size. These are stemmed and bear leaves. Even though the micro greens are tiny in size, their flavors are quite intense, though not as strong as the mature herbs and greens. A typical micro green contains a central stem with two completely developed cotyledons and a pair of true leaves from the main plant. The size of the micro greens and the configuration of the leaves vary according to the plant species.


One of the commonest misconceptions is when people say micro greens are sprouts. There are considerable differences between the two and each is produced in a different way. For example, sprouts are water grown in semi dark condition and are eaten as a tangled mass of stems, underdeveloped leaves and roots. Also, sprouts are not so developed in terms of flavor, texture and colors. Micro greens are becoming immensely popular day by day and are common in the green house of farms, homes and restaurants. The concept has become very popular all over America. The best thing about the micro greens is that they are easy to grow, simple to prepare and delicious to taste. Besides, micro greens are rich in nutrients.

Micro greens are derived from several vegetables like broccoli, green and red cabbage, red kale and beetroot. Micro greens can be grown easily at home, in a soil filled pot. Another good thing is that these can be grown all round the year.

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