Male Organ Anatomy 101 Quirks And Oddities Of The Manhood

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Mostmen are quite familiar with their own equipment, but sometimes something comesup that leaves them scratching their head.The male organ is a surprising tool,and most men having only one of their own have little basis for comparisonand may wonder, Is this normal?Thereare many peculiarities of the male organ; learn about some of them here, aswell as some tips for maintaining ahealthy male organin spite of some odd behavior.

Itgets nervous Everhave to urinate really badly, but when stepping up to the plate at a publicurinal, nothing comes out?Well,as many as 1 in 10 men suffer from bathroom stage fright, known asparuresis.Anxiety ornervousness causes the pelvic floor to tighten, pinching off any hope ofgetting that urine out.Ifthis is a problem, try focusing on relaxing thoughts or pop into the bathroomstall for more privacy.

ShrinkageShrinkageis a real thing, not just a great punch line on TV.Just like a cashmere sweater in adryer, the male organ and its two little friends shrivel up when wet.The reason behind this embarrassingphenomenon is actually evolutionarily sound.The boys need to be kept at arelatively constant temperature to keep the swimmers healthy and intact, sowhen they are thrust into icy cold water, the muscles retract them and bringthem closer to the body for more heat.Theopposite effect occurs when stepping into a hot sauna, when the boys sag likean elephants ankle skin in an attempt to cool off.

LeakageMuchlike the hose continues to leak water even after the spigot has been turnedoff, the male organ continues to drip a bit of urine after the bladderotherwise feels empty.Luckily,a few drips are not a sign of an aging male organ, but occurs because theurethra is a long tube that even the most diligent shaking does not fullyempty.A gentle squeeze ina downward motion can help drain as much urine as possible from the male organ,but even that may not fully eliminate the problem.The best fix?Buy colored underwear to avoid nastyyellow stains. Problem solved.

Itcurves to the left Yes,it is a fact that nearly every mans male organ has a slight twist in it, andyes, every male organ curves to the left.Scientists are, to this day, hard atwork trying to figure out why.Okay,maybe not hard at work, scientists probably have more pressing things toresearch — but they do all twist in a counter-clockwise direction. Thisnaturally occurs in utero as the body is developing.Some men have a more pronounced curvethan others, but it is perfectly normal unless the male organ has a markedcurve of more than 90 degrees, which could have been caused by injury.

Itchanges colors Rememberthose t-shirts that changed color when warmed?The skin of the male organ is a littlebit like that.The skin isvery thin compared to the rest of the body and is therefore more susceptible tocolor change with changes in blood flow.When aroused, the male organ isflooded with extra blood and the head may turn pink or red as a result.When the male organ is flaccid, withno extra blood, it may appear bluish or purple, much like the veins easilyspotted in ones arms.Variousshades of pink, purple, and blue are normal, but a bright red male organ thatis accompanied by itching and burning is likely infected and needs medicalattention.Likewise, a maleorgan that suddenly turns black is not receiving sufficient blood flow; thus,an emergency trip to the hospital is needed.

Keepingthe male organ healthy

Forall its quirks, the male organ certainly performs many important functions in amans daily life.Itsfunctions include life-sustaining actions, a la excreting ones waste;life-giving, otherwise known as baby-making; and life-living; i.e., intimacy,the fun part. With so many vital functions being carried out by the male organ,it is utterly important to keep it healthy and well.Using a dailymaleorgan vitamin formulapackedwith vital nutrients(healthprofessionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil)cankeep the male organ functioning, while also improving sensitivity so that itruns better and feels better in the process.Talk about a win-win.