Making Choices In Low Voltage Motor Controls


There are a range of different options to consider in low voltage motor controls. Various industries and applications will require different features in these devices set up specifically to control or manage the motor. This could include starting the motor, regulating the speed or torque of the motor or even to prevent overuse or overloads potentially resulting in the failure of the motor.

In most industrial applications, there may be the need for more than one of the low voltage motor controls to be used on the motors. Choosing the right combination of features for the controllers will be important in designing the system and protecting the system, as well as the motors, while in use.


In any industrial application the more the low voltage motor controls are designed to work automatically the more efficiently the entire system will work. These controllers are constantly receiving input from the motors through a variety of different sensors. In the case of overload protection, this may be from a thermal overload relay.

Other features include loss of voltage sensors preventing the motor from starting up after a power failure and possibility starting out of phase. This also sends as a pre-set notification the motor is not online.

Reduced Voltage Starters

For low voltage or reduced voltage starters, the use an autotransformer can be used to gradually start up the motor at lower voltage until a pre-set limit is reached. At this point, the full voltage is provided, allowing the motor to start with less energy demand for a shorter duration of time.

This is not only an energy saving option, but it is one of the low voltage motor controls contributing to the efficiency of power use throughout the system.

Intelligent Options

Today’s low voltage motor controls are designed to be intelligent. They respond to a range of different variables to provide energy efficiency, cost saving benefits as well as to protect the essential equipment in any plant or industrial application.

This intelligent option also provides users with the ability to troubleshoot problems remotely and, as all components are connected to each other, even complex problems can typically be addressed from a remote location.

Typically the most effective low voltage motor controls are developed specifically for an application. This allows for full customization of the controllers to provide the greatest level of options, control features and safety for the motors and the system.

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