Liposuction Faq: Does The Fat Come Back?

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By Rena Graham

When it comes to improving your shape and form, liposuction has been one of the most trusted surgical cosmetic procedures. It is the solution that those who are struggling with their weight and unwanted fats are looking for. But is it a permanent answer? Can you really say goodbye to those stubborn fats for good?

We all know how dramatic the changes can be after a liposuction procedure. It is able to suction fats off even the hardest to reach areas with diet and exercise. But before anyone goes through with it, the surgeon would always first inform the patient that if they do not improve their lifestyle and adopt a healthier one, the fats could grow back.

Well, strictly saying, it doesn’t really ‘grow back’, but rather those fat cells that remain can grow in size if you do not control what you eat, or burn calories through exercise. The excess calories will also find other fat cells in your body in which they can take residence in, therefore you gain weight in other areas.

A research done in the University of Colorado showed that the fats that reappears after liposuction surgery gets redistributed to other parts of the body after a year. It often transfers to those parts that are above the area that has been suctioned. So if you have liposuction done on your abdomen or hips, there is a possibility that those fats that you accumulate after the procedure can transfer to the arms.


They also learned that some of the fats take residence not in its usual position which is the subcutaneous layer, or the area immediately beneath the skin, but instead it wraps around the visceral organs.

With that effect it is very important to stress regular exercise and a healthy diet to maintain the liposuction results. A change in lifestyle will also save you from the detrimental effects of fats growing around your vital organs. This can result to various health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol levels and even heart problems.

There is really no sure explanation why the fat returns in other parts of the body, but Dr. Robert H. Eckel of the University of Colorado surmise that it could be due that the brain recognizes a decrease for fat in your body, therefore it works to restore it.

Therefore it is important that those who want to undergo liposuction understand that it is not an alternative to regular diet and exercise. It can remove mounds of stubborn fats but you still need to take the necessary lifestyle alterations to maintain the result.

Dr. Gerald Imber, a renowned plastic surgeon, even stated that liposuction is best considered to be a good spot remover instead of being a procedure that decreases your body size. For those areas that are fat laden but are a little challenging to burn through exercise, such as the knees, ankles and the waist, liposuction is perfect for such problem areas. With that said, one must always remember that to keep the form and shape, and the fats from bulking up again in your body; make the effort to exercise and diet.

Liposuction prices are no joke, so make sure that you keep that body by constantly burning the fats through active exercise. You also should not rely so much on liposuction and have yourself poked and prodded by these metal cannulas every time you gain weight, because there are also serious complications that go along with it.

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