All About Wholesale Dropshippers

Submitted by: Alfreda Petersen

The most attractive aspect of wholesale drop shipping is that the retailer never has to have an inventory full of the items and products that the customer wants. The Wholesale Dropshippers carry it and deliver it to the targeted customer without the physical involvement of the retailer. All the retailer has to do is to develop an online auction, and analyze the market as to what products the people want, then he/she has to communicate with the drop shipper and ask whether they have the item in store, if they do so the retailer provides the name, address, order number etc. and send it to the shipment company, they forward the item to the customer and both parties collect their shares of the fees.

In the drop shipping business model, all a retailer has to do is provide a list of the available products online and cater to the customers’ needs. This is very tricky since the retailer has to know what is in popular demand, in the market, at the time and has to put those products on display so that the business may run smoothly. When a customer orders something the retailer as mentioned before simply directs the supplier and the job is complete it is as easy as that.


Entering any kind of business first requires a sound understanding of the market and the targeted audience. Of course, no 80 year man would buy boxing gloves just for the sake of it, the retailer has to analyze their audience carefully and take notice of what people want. Developing this understanding may take a lot of time but there’s no way around it, understanding the basic principles is necessary before working on something.

The greater the demand greater the number of sellers will be competing with the retailer; to avoid falling back in the race the retailer has to be updated to each and everything about their targeted audience. Suppose someone wants to sell electronics online, they have to update their knowledge and understanding of technology on a daily basis, as everyday new devices are being invented and it is very hard to keep pace with the world. The one who reaches the finish line first wins, so it is important to upload updates before all the competitors so the business might succeed and expand on a better scale.

Another important thing is to have a clear idea of the fact that whether the dealing drop shipper is reliable or not regarding the stock. Suppose someone places an order on the online auction only to discover that the desired item is no longer available, these events decrease the popularity of the website and the retailer and might serve as a major drawback in the business. The retailer has to include items that are always available and have a dedicated drop shipper ready to provide whatever is asked for at all times. Involving active customers in the website may also be helpful, such as introducing titles, discounts etc. for regular customers. This makes the customers feel attached and important resulting in frequent visits to the website.

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